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Shadow Beings [movie]
The Ghost That Growls
     Hi, my name is Joanne, and I have a story I think I might like to share with you. The story takes place around 2002, when I and my fiancé (now husband) were living in Charleston Arms; this is in South Carolina (West Ashley). We then lived in this rather spacious deluxe 1 bedroom, and I for something like 6 months was out of employment. My husband was a carpenter ‘made pretty good money’ / blues guitarist for a local band called ‘Blazing Saddle’. I had quit my job in the later months of my pregnancy, because I was so frequently ill, and would tire so easily, frequently returning home with huge blisters on my feet, mostly just the typical ‘aches and pains’ of later pregnancy. And so, it was my decision that I would take some time off until the baby was due, and mainly this was to prepare, and get everything together. Many nights my husband stayed gone until 3:00 – 4:00 in the morning. Now, hauntings were always something that I would’ve thought only occurred in ‘old houses’, you know; but not in apartments. I don’t know why that is, I guess that is just because until my own I had never before heard of an ‘apartment haunting’.
      As I recall, this all began one night while washing dishes. My husband was out playing in his band, and I was home alone. A friend of mine had been by earlier that day, and had left a few hours after my husband. We had ordered in for pizza, and I had fixed us both plates full of the stuff. So it was while washing a few dishes that I had just about hit the ceiling! I remember hearing a plate shatter, and turned around to see the pieces scattered all over the floor. I have to admit I was a bit confused by this, as I had not put any dishes anywhere near where I would have bumped into them. Anyway, later on, after sweeping the floor, and vacuuming, I sat down to get comfortable and to watch a movie ‘the Postman’. I was almost halfway through the movie when the power had blinked out (well really only the TV). I remember I sat there for a moment, again confused. As it had not been storming or anything. Well, once again I turned the TV back on, and worked my way back to where the TV originally went out. I’d say it wasn’t even 30 minutes later when I began to hear this growling coming from right behind me in my right ear! I immediately froze! I turned on every light in the house after this, and did not go to sleep until my husband had returned home.
      This is where the story gets weird. The next morning, my husband told me that he’d had the strangest dream. He said that it had felt as if something had been pressing down firmly against his arms and chest, he said that it felt as if he couldn’t breathe, as if something was trying to smother him! He said that when he had opened his eyes, staring straight back at him were a pair of red eyes! Since then we have moved into a rental home. We made the decision after both having seen shadows roaming around the apartment, and to this day I have not looked back!
Something I Cannot Explain
Place: Denver, Colorado Date: winter of 1983
     Hello Melissa, some-one mentioned this site to me, said you had been looking for a few good stories? Well if you have a moment, I believe I might have a good one for you that I would like to share. I myself have had my own experiences with seeing these shadows throughout my life. Always looks like a dark mass of something, (something of which you can not quite give a name too). It is interesting to hear that you (as well as others) have seen these same things; showing that the experience is not so much ‘un-common’.
     My story begins, when I had moved from Galveston to Denver to switch over my employment. I had settled into a quaint little home, quite lovely, and had been seeing a beautiful, young woman of whom I had met while still living in Galveston. Having to recall the very first instance where we had noticed anything unusual was when we were in the dining room late one evening. Jennie had been cooking spaghetti as I recall, and was just putting buttered rolls into the oven; and it was then that she stopped and gave me the funniest expression. I asked her what was wrong, and she said to me, “Don’t you smell anything?” Truth is, I had been noticing the smell for the past week, but thought that this may have been a dead animal beneath the house. Strange thing is that the smell continued for the next year and a half!
     Very often the both of us would wake up to being shook, and would often hear our names being called around the house. It wasn’t until hearing that the grounds had once been cleared; and the area once served as an unmarked burial ground that we began to suspect the worst. Very often we would see balls of light float into the living room from the dining room, and would also see shadows scurrying around the house.
     To this day, we still experience these things. We now have crosses and various other religious items which now adorn each room; and I’d have to say, somehow I really feel that this has helped. “True story”.
Red-eyed Shadow
     Hi, my name is Jamie, and I have a quick story to share with you! I think you may find it interesting. My story takes place in Hattiesburg Mississippi, in 1987, I was 9 then, and my mother, my little sister and I were all living in a 2 bedroom apartment. My mother was recently divorced, and both I and my sister had just begun attending a new school. Well, we hadn’t been living in the new apartment for very long when strange things began to happen! I remember my little sister who was then 5 began to complain about going to the bathroom alone, late in the evening. She would always say that there was a shadow man standing by the doorway in the hall. I never believed her. We used to watch a lot of scary movies when my mother was working late, movies like Freddie, and Tales from Dark Side (well not a movie, but TV). Anyway, I thought that the kid might just have an OVER-ACTIVE IMAGINATION. And also, the thing is that when she would tell me things like this, she would always say it with a slight grin on her face, almost as if she were embarrassed. Anyway, I can see that now, but at the time, I didn’t really believe her; I just thought that she really enjoyed giving me a good scare late in the evening!
     Well then she began having these night terrors! I remember it would always scare both my mother and I pretty badly, because we would always seem to wake up in the middle of the night, and having heard her gut-wrenching shrieks, all I can say really is that it is a pretty crazy way to have to wake up to the sound of something like this. A lot of times she would tell my mother that there was the SHADOW MAN in her room. My mother would have to stay with her until she fell asleep again. Well one night I remember I was lying in bed (in my mom’s room) looking through a bunch of Seventeen magazines, and as I was talking on the phone with a friend, I could have sworn that right out of the corner of my eye that I saw this black cat run past me, anyway I passed it off, my imagination right? Well, then I remember I hear this knock at the door, three times. And yet, I was alone, really it made no sense! I checked anyway, thinking that maybe my mother might have come home early for whatever reason. Well, later on that night around 4 am I was lying in bed asleep, and I hear it again! Someone had knocked 3 times, but it was like I’d heard this in my sleep. Well when I woke up, I remember I saw something that I will never forget! In my doorway there was this black mass of / well really all I can say is that it looked sort of like a blob, but it was so scary! I couldn’t really make it out, but I remember that the eyes had hit me like a bolt of lightening; they were like fiery, burning embers. And to this day I will never forget it!
Encounter with the Shadow Man
     Hello, my name is Jeff. I am sending this story to you, in response to a request you had made for them. I think that this is really good thing that you are choosing to do, to spend your free time creating a site like this; and trying to inform others, as you said. I still doubt that when I told this story (a couple years back) to a few good buddies of mine, that they ever quite believed me. Yet, it sounds to me as if you have experienced some of these same things as well! Well, if so, then I do not feel as strange talking about this with you. You may even be able to answer a few questions I might have?
     This happened I’d say; probably back in 2004 in Kentucky. I was working an overnight shift, I am a carpenter, and I was being called out to fix a leaky roof all during that week. Well, when I’d come home, I’d say it was around 4:00 am. and I was exhausted. I decided that I would go into the living room, and that I would rest for a bit on the sofa. Well, I was only laying there for about a few minutes dozing, when I felt as though someone had been shaking me! I remember feeling somewhat startled by this, and I was then able to open my eyes for just a bit, just long enough to see what it was that was shaking me, which was when I saw the outlining of a figure, and it was standing right beside the sofa, just looking down at me! To this very day, I swear to you, it was there. I know it was there.
     If you or anyone else has experienced anything at all similar to this, if you wouldn’t mind, contacting me at the above e-mail. I don’t know if I am just crazy, if it was real, or if this was maybe a ghost? I don’t know. One thing I do know, it sure as hell scared the life outta me, and that isn’t something that happens very often, I am a grown man! I appreciate it Bee, Thanks
The Ghost in the Hall
     This happened to me when I was staying at my aunt’s house last year in Great Falls. I was up watching a movie with Stephanie (that’s my cousin), and she said that there was a ghost in her house. She said that she had seen the ghost. She said that she saw a black ghost, and it was by the refrigerator late one night! Yeah whatever, I didn’t believe her.Anyway, after the movie was over, I kept trying to go to sleep, and I couldn’t. I thought I kept hearing foot-steps going up and down in the hall. Then, after it had stopped, the next thing I remember was that I heard a loud crash! I jumped up; oh I was so freaked out! I jumped up in bed, and saw something go across the wall. I thought that someone had broken into her house! I was SO scared. Anyway, that is my story.
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