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Shadow Beings
Garrick's Head Inn
     This story takes place in Bath, England in 1982 at the Garrick's Head Inn. I live on the west coast, and in 1982 went to visit a friend of mine, who now lives in England. One night we were up late, listening to records and chatting all night, with a few of her friends as well, when Nancy told me about the "Garrick's Head Inn". She said that a few of the tourists had reported the ghost of a young girl, and paranormal activity ranging from footsteps to rappings, to what some have referred to as the feeling of walking into a cob-web of some sort. Having said that, this is not merely a ghost story, the goings on are quite unusual to say the least!
     As the story goes, there were two men gambling over the rights to this one particular lady. When the rivalry had gotten out of hand, one of the men was killed. The one left standing furthermore dashed upstairs to retrieve the lucky lady, and when he found that she had barricaded herself into an upstairs bedroom, just as the winner was about to break down the door, the young woman hung herself. This is the legend. That is the story.
     So what I had decided to do, upon my visiting with a friend was to bring along my Polaroid, quite interested as to what I might find! I must say, I found myself to be quite disappointed upon the showing, as I had noticed nothing out of the ordinary, other than the staunch odor that hung over the place. As yuck as it seems to mention this, the smell was almost that of either rotted flesh, or feces. I could not wait to grab my friend by the arm and to show myself out, the stench was unbearable. I then walked over to a particular area near the stairs, found my friend grabbed her by the arm, and then quickly snapped a few shots of the interior, and we were gone!
     Later on, upon returning to the states and developing my film, I found that there beneath the stairs was a small globbish sort of shadow, and then right next to it, the image of a figure of some sort, glowing, radiating and as if she is posing. I do not know what I have managed to capture here on film; however I do know that it is not of this earth!
You Have No Choice
Place: Gulfport, Mississippi Date: 1983
     Hi. My name is Wendy. I now live in L.A, California; I am 27 years old and work as a wedding / bridal consultant. However when I was a child, I grew up in Mississippi. My family and I lived next to a wooded area with a spotted goldfish pond right behind our house, and a few scattered "what always looked to me to be gravestones".
      Our house was haunted. I can not recall when I first realized this. When I was a child, I remember that I would be sitting in the living room, watching cartoons when I would see a very kind old woman come into the room and sit beside my mother. I was very shy; I would hardly speak to anyone. I came to realize that my mother was not aware of this woman. And to me, she always seemed to be harmless. Sometimes, when I would loose something of mine, I would find it only a few hours later, RIGHT WHERE I HAD ORIGINALLY SEARCHED FOR THE OBJECT! And then I would hear a faint "HA HA HA" "HA HA HA." I do recall that this was when I first began to get scared.
      I remember one morning, my mother was in the living room folding clothes when I began to hear the floor creak, and something began to walk into the room that my mother was in. She was watching TV, while folding clothes, and then the door slammed BOOM! My mother turned white as a ghost, she stood up and began to grab at her chest. I was so scared! I thought that something I could not see was hurting my mother! I began to get real upset, and this was when my father rushed into the room "Wendy, what happened to your mother?" I just shrugged my shoulders and said "Door slammed shut."
      Later that evening while in my room, I saw the lady again. She was standing at the doorway to my bedroom, and then turned and walked away.
      After this, I can not recall seeing the lady for a long afterwards. Then one night I woke up screaming. My mother said that when she went into the room, that I kept yelling something about "Fire, fire!" "Don't go!" "Don't go mommy!" "Don?t go!" As my mother retells the story, she was able to get me talking about the dream and what I had said to her was this. I said, "We were all standing outside, you me and daddy. And I saw you walking away with the old woman. I ran after you, and then was pushed back by something, and I fell backwards. I could not get to you, and then when I caught up to you, you were going into the fire with the old woman. I kept saying 'mommy don't go'. And then the old woman turned to look at me, and she looked like a monster and said: 'You have no choice!' I was so scared I'd never see you again!"
      To this day, my parents still live in this house. However, my mother now has many pictures of Jesus and other religious relics decorating the walls. Here recently she has even taken to reading her Bible every Sunday! Gives me the creeps.
     Hello. My name is Mark, and I am sending you my story in the hopes that you may be able to contact me, with any ideas or suggestions if at all possible.
      For the past week, my daughter has been referring to a shadow man in the house that she says looks like Kenny. Kenny is a friend of mine, well more so acquaintance, we work together who always looks a bit ratty and wears a cowboy hat.
      Sometimes, when I am watching something on TV she will say, "Look Daddy, its Kenny!" If she gets lectured for doing anything wrong she tries to tell me, "Kenny did it."
      She even says that Kenny let the dog off of his chain last week. What do you think?
Place: Gary, Indiana Date: 1998
     Hello Honeybee, my name is Angela, and I have a story that I would like to share with you. This story begins in 1998 in Gary, Indiana; and lately (I have to be honest with you), I have been beginning to question my own sanity! It is really beginning to bother me, and I do not discuss any of this with my husband. I just know he would not have any of it.
      Okay well, this all started as I have mentioned, back in about '98. I was lying in bed late one night reading a continuance to "Gone with the Wind" when I began to hear marching. It sounded like a group of Nazis pacing back and forth marching downstairs.
      I got up put my head to the floor and it stopped, I was intrigued but also upset. I laid back in bed. Then later, I began to hear the marching again around 2:00 am, got back up, put my head against the floor and it sounded as if there was some sort of marching band downstairs, it stopped and then it sounded as if someone had whispered in my right ear "Boo!" I grabbed a blanket from downstairs, plopped myself on the couch, and then turned on the TV, and muted the volume. And to tell you the truth, I wasn't so sure that moving downstairs was even such a good idea. I brought my dog out of the laundry room and put him in the den with me. I stayed up reading for a while longer, and then at some point fell asleep. I felt as if someone had slapped me across the face with something, because when I woke up, I jumped! It was quiet in the house, and I really thought I was losing it.
      I found myself unable to sleep any longer, the sun was now up, and so I decided to stay awake for the rest of the day. Now here lately, after going back to sleeping upstairs I have been hearing a hum. Sounds like monks in a monastery.
      What is up Bee? Am I losing it?
Unable to Scream
Place: Phoenix, Arizona Date: 1986
     When I was a little girl, maybe 14 at the time, I had a very awkward experience. I was lying in bed around 10:00 one night half asleep when I felt something tug at my sheets.
      When I opened my eyes, I saw something very strange in appearance. It was right above me, and looked like a big glob of black substance with many contorted faces inside of it. I was so scared by this, I could not scream! Before this, as if that wasn't bad enough, when I first opened up my eyes, what this thing had said to me was "Close your eyes!"
      It is my guess that this is what you might call "the Shadow People".
      Then, the room grew silent and everything was fine. I am 20 years old now, and to this day, I sleep with my bedside lamp turned on!
I Followed It
Place: Las Vegas, Nevada
     My name is Jody. I am 33 years old and live in Las Vegas, Nevada. My husband and I were finally able to buy our own home, a fixer upper for a reasonable investment. My husband has since claimed to be able to see shadowy type images out of the corner of his eyes. At first, I thought that he was crazy, or either that he was trying to spook me, and now I believe that I am seeing them!
      This happened just last week. I was in the kitchen washing my hands, when I had turned and in the living room saw something dark dart from the living room towards the hallway. I immediately shot off after it, but found nothing.
      But, I will tell you this, there on my son?s bedroom door I found a handprint, I have a picture if you would like to see it. It is a black handprint as if it were smudged. What are these things, and why are we seeing them?

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