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Shadow Beings
The Cabin in the Woods
Place: Ft. Meyers, Florida Date: December 1985
     When I was 10, I lived in a little log cabin, next to a lake with my family. This was in Florida. At first we were living in a rental house, and we would go out to this cabin on week-ends as a kind of getaway. My father would hunt with a few of his friends, and I would catch fish as well. I would bring them home, and my mother and a few of her friends would clean and then cook them. At first I loved going with them, it was a nice way to spend the week-ends. I didn't notice anything unusual until I was about 13-14. Once, while sitting out at the pond, throwing rocks, I noticed that someone else it seemed had thrown in a pebble as well! I never was able to completely brush that one off. As it was only myself out at the pond on this day and no-one else. I do clearly remember seeing this pebble go kerplunk out over my head, and into the water.
     Needless to say I didn't take the unusualness of the event to lightly! It wasn't until next Christmas that I really began getting the creeps about the place.
     Once while lying in bed and almost asleep I felt something very odd, it was a very icy sort of chill, which had brushed across the right side my face. Now as I'm sure you might have imagined, being as though this was late December, we did not have any open windows at all. And, it was then that I'd heard someone whisper out my name, along with hearing these footsteps pacing back and forth around my bed! I cannot say for certain just what this might have been that I'd experienced.
     I will however say this much, there would also be times while living there that I would feel as though someone were following me, out going towards the lake. I would hear the person or ghost's (?) footsteps in the leaves. And, then there would be times where I could've sworn as if I'd seen someone's shadow kneeling down - out at the opposite end of the lake, this shadow always facing me as though he were watching me. Anyway, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share - even though that was only I'd say maybe half of what I'd actually experienced while living there.
Almost Gone
Place: Lincoln, Nebraska
     I have just one quick story to share, in reference to your so-called "Shadow People". I just wanted to tell you that I have seen these things as well throughout my life, so I do not think that any of what you've had to say is anything of which is "too make-believe", or at least too out there, at least for the likes of me, as I have had my own experiences with seeing them throughout my life.
     It all started when I was 18 living in Lincoln, Nebraska. I was injured in a near fatal car accident, resulting in a coma for 3 months straight. I had gotten some time away from college and wanted to get together with a few of my friends, as we were planning a little get-together, going to this little outdoor event, of which had had a lot of our favorite bands which were going to play together. I had gotten some Heineken and had been having a grand old time, thinking about all the fun that we were going to have, when someone decided to run a red light just as I was looking down, and smashed right into the front of me.
     While in a coma, (I will have you know, I discovered that there is a world outside of the one in which we are presently living) many times I can remember leaving my body and walking around the hospital and seeing these shadows, in a way they are a bit hard to describe, but I would watch them as they would wait around for someone to flat line, and then grab them as they left their bodies and take them away. So are they Ghosts? Are they this, that, and the other thing? I would have to say no. And the people of whom had left their bodies; I might add they did not seem at all very pleased to be greeted by, taken away by these things ? I believe they are in no way anything good!
     I do not know why I seen these things, though I do remember them very well. And I have seen them ever since, as well as what seems to be "ghosts". Now the only question that I have is "Has anyone else ever experienced anything at all similar to this?" Could it have somehow been related to my injury, or what might have caused these things? As I have said, I can now see people from time to time, who seem to be aware that I am able to see them, and they are very transparent - They just kind of wander about.
Imaginary Friend
      At the age of 3-7 I had an "imaginary friend". Imaginary to my family....but I could see him. His name was Danny. He was very real to me; I can still envision what he looked like. He had always appeared to me as a 12 year old boy, who wanted to play with me. As I grew older, I didn't see him as a boy, but as a little ball of lights.  
     When I was 15, my sister and I did a very stupid thing. We were playing around with séances. We were trying to call up spirits. We didn't seem to contact any. But that wouldn't stop us from doing it again and again. The house we lived in ... very bad things started happening.
     My sister was woken up by being slapped in the face by an entity. I had heard a loud scratch on my closet door one night after I went to bed ... and in the morning there were deep scratches on the door of my closet. Whenever I, my mom or my sister took a bath...we would hear heavy breathing. Dad didn't believe it, mom didn't want to believe it ... she said she thought it was just the pipes.
     After a few months of the heavy get used to it. One night I was laying in the tub, reading a book, I heard the breathing start ..."No big deal" I thought ... Then it I heard ..."[name deleted]" in a very loud mans whisper. To say the least, I bolted out of that bathroom, and never used it again. (I used the other bathroom with a shower) I have lots of these sorts of happening in the following years.
     I was afraid to fall asleep. I would stay awake days at a time ... only getting a few hours sleep in between stretches of days. After about a year I came to Jesus, on my own terms not being pushed or forced into repentance; but because I needed to ask the Lord to forgive me. That was a year and a half ago now. I live for the Lord. All that I do I do it for Him. I have faith and peace in Him.
     My continuing battle is a daily battle. I still hear Raymond. Even though, I have rebuked him many times. Raymond still touches me. He strokes my face; even though I don't want him to. 
Phantom of the Dark
Place: Hastings, Nebraska    Date: 1992
     This story occurred in Hastings, Nebraska when I was only 12 years old, I'd say that would have been in about 1992 a few days before my 13th birthday, which is on July 2nd.
     Throughout those past few months I can recall telling my mother that I kept hearing mice running here and there, above my bed and all throughout the walls. I remember telling her about the cat and the owl outside as well. The cat for some reason made me feel especially uncomfortable. The owl, the way it would look over at me, right as I was peeping through the blinds I remember was just spooky. But both of them would just camp right outside of my bedroom window for what seemed to be night after night. All at once, I remember I would hear the mice and then a gravelly "Hoo Ha Hooo", and then the cat would begin to growl. At times I thought that I could see my bedroom curtain moving, as if something was there moving it! It almost seemed as if someone was pacing back and forth, in all four corners of my room, BREATHING HEAVILY.
     I told my mother that I didn't like that part of the house anymore, and remember asking her if I could sleep on the couch. She didn't mind, but I just remember she kind of poked fun at me, and some nights I remember her trying to scare me. Then, one night as I was lying on the couch, I can recall having a dream of this dark, shadowy man strangling me! I would wake up sometimes yelling, "Get off of me!"
     One night I had another dream similar to that, except that when I awoke, I remember seeing something dart from behind a wall, and it seemed that whatever it was had ran into the kitchen. I remember grabbing my pillow and curling up into a ball shaking, and that was when I heard a pot or pan from somewhere within the kitchen crash onto the floor with a loud bang! It was around this time that my father got up, possibly because he thought there might have been some intruder. When he came back I was still frozen solid with fear. He looked at me kind of crazy and said, "Julie, why is the back-door open?" To this day, I still have not been able to answer that question.
Eerie Laughter
Place: Saint Louis, Missouri    Date: 1997
     Here is a story that has bothered me to this very day. It happened when I was about 17, and for some reason, does not entirely feel as though my imagination.
     When I was younger I guess you might say I was somewhat of a rebel. Listened to a lot of harder rock and heavy metal music, a lot of death metal music, bands like Megadeath, Cannibal Corpse, Manson and Slayer. Often held keg parties for my friends once every few weeks, and experimented with many different drugs. For the longest, my personal preference was mostly BUD and pot. I smoked pot at first on the weekends with my friends, and then it was getting to where I smoked it constantly. It was just a way for me to relax and to kick back, especially after work.
     Well, I remember this one weekend getting really loaded. I was sick throughout most of the night, and for some reason remember the door to my bedroom opening and then seeing these two red eyes glaring back at me. I hadn't experimented with anything really trippy on this night, and I guess this is why it has always bothered me.
     I remember sitting there with my head held over the toilet, and that was when I heard what sounded like some old woman laughing? I don't know what this was, but I just thought that I would share my story with you, as maybe you might have some ideas yourself? Like I said, I wasn't doing anything really illegal. I probably drank a lot more than I should have, but that was about it.
Try to Breathe!
Place: Green River, Wyoming    Date: September 1, 2006
     Hello, I was browsing through some of the paranormal chat-rooms, and I had followed the link to this site, because something happened to me this past Friday, and I am trying to figure out what it was.
     I was half asleep when this occurred. I had gone out with some friends of mine, because one of my very best friends is about to get married, we had all got together, and decided to throw her a bachlorette party. Anyway, I think it must have been the champagne that knocked me out, or almost anyway. I am really freaking out over this, but I do know that it did happen! Since then I have been unable to sleep. I haven't even told anyone! So you are the first.
     It is 4:20 AM now, and I am still wide awake. Since then I have only been able to sleep in spurts. I remember last Friday coming in, throwing down my purse on the chair next to my bed, and falling face first into a pillow. My stomach was beginning to bother me in that position, and so I had decided that I would roll over. Well, when I did immediately there was a black silhouette standing over me, and quickly this thing darted right on top of me, began choking me and I began to throw up. That is when I heard this; God only knows this thing say to me, "Try to breathe!" What I want to know is has anyone out there had any similar experiences with drinking champagne? Because, right now I am really searching for some logical explanation, and I mean there just has to be one!
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