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Shadow Beings

What do you believe the Shadow Beings are?
Welcome to the True Stories About Shadow Beings
This was originally started by Melissa Brume.

This is a place where you can share your stories about shadow beings or shadow people, aparitions, ghosts, demons, possessions or other strange phenomena associated with dark figures. All of these stories were sent in by actual readers of this web volume.

Please enjoy the stories and send in your experiences if you have any.
MOVIE: Shadow Beings
     "Ever see someone out of the corner of your eye, but when you turned tolook, they were gone? Ever wake up unable to move or shout out and seeing shadowy figures looming over you or feeling a pressure on your chest to where you can’t breathe? Ever sense a presence and felt like someone was watching you? Ever felt there was a monster under your bed or in the closet?
     "Throughout time and throughout many cultures, human kind has been plagued by nightmares and other nocturnal attacks associated with monsters. These creatures have been cited in just about every culture via myth and legend. It has been suggested that the night-mare itself is the origin of all mythology (Kirby, 1901), however I suggest that only some myths are of nocturnal attack origin, since many myths are exaggerations of actual events.
     "Nevertheless, who hasn’t had at least one nightmare, fleeting glimpse or sensing of a presence. Are there actually beings haunting, taunting, watching and feeding (on our emotional energy)? Or are they just some psychological disorder? I suppose the psychological disorder is among the awareness impaired; those who cannot see beyond the façade. Apparently, some type of creature, being or entity exists, rather coexists, in our omniverse. They are beings that can shift between parallel universes or dimensions. Perhaps they are just us interacting with our universe from a higher consciousness."
     The movie Shadow Beings touches upon these questions and more.You can find out more at the movie's official website .
They Do Exist!
Place: New Jersey    Date:
     I went to visit a friend once; this was when I was a kid. He tells me his place is haunted, right? I don't believe that stuff, so we are going out to the dog track that week-end. His dad had some work lined up, and I was his little helper, me and (his son) my friend.
     Later on that night, we heard what sounded like foot-steps, and then a sliding, like someone dragging something heavy, also something that sounded like a lot of different voices, all blended together, like they do in church kinda, or like a choir you might say. Now, he didn't see this, I did. I saw a pair of red-eyes, glowing really bright for just a moment or two, and then it sounded like the thing left the room. That was the first time.
     The second time, I was with my mom. I was taking care of her that week-end; she had the flu and was sick and throwing up. I fell asleep in front of the TV, when it felt like something was trying to steal away my breath! That is no joke! So just as I am waking up, I remember seeing something standing right straight in front of me. I couldn't really tell what it was, it was something dark, but like I said, by the time I was good and awake, it had vanished.
     Third time, this happened late one evening, with my girlfriend. We were watching some cheesy horror flick, and something grabbed the chair that I was sitting in, it knocked me right out of it! Whatever it was actually knocked me right out of the chair!
     I think it must have been the same thing, I say it must have been, but then again, I wouldn't really know. It happens sometimes, but not too often, these things are really more of, at random, that is when they do you know?
My Daughter Sees the Shadow-Man
Place: Phoenix, Massachusetts   Date:
     I want to know what these things are! I live in Phoenix, Massachusetts. I think my home might be haunted! My little girl is always going around telling stories about the Shadow Man! She says he is nice, but sometimes she insists upon blaming him for things that she does, and also my son is telling me he keeps having nightmares of this lady lying on him and just laughing. I have never seen her / him, whatever these things are. Maybe I need to send the kids back to church, maybe they are watching too much t.v? Either way, supposing there is such a thing - what could they be? Any ideas?
Place:  undisclosed  Date: undisclosed
*I cannot release my name to you*

     When I was 10 years old, I awoke when my mother screamed in her bedroom. She told me she came out of her bathroom (in her bedroom) around 5 am when there was just a little light inside and a black figure was standing at the edge of the bed pointing it's finger at my father sleeping. It was wearing a black hood and had no real feet. When she saw it it turned and vanished.
     2 years later, I am in a bedroom at my house and I have a dream that a being is in my room looking at me. I look at it and it's a black amorphous shape and it holds up its right hand at me and says this: DAAVID. It was those letters exactly.. not the pronunciation slurred with the AA's... but it was it's name. DAAVID It's some anagram or a location or it's name, or race. I have no clue. It then disappeared.
     Cut to 20 years later, and I am sleeping at home after coming back from the west coast in a DIFFERENT HOUSE and I am awoken in the wee hours of the morning by a dream that something was watching me. When I opened my eyes, in the black house, I saw something move. A silhouette. A black amorphous shape came out of the hallway and moved around a lamp and was looking at me. The very thing I was dreaming, but now I was WIDE AWAKE and looking at it. It has 7 stars in it's face. Not eyes... but a constellation it was showing me in it's face.
     This is the fact I want to stress... I did not see red eyes. I saw 7 red eyes... but they were not eyes. There are no eyes. It showed me movies in it's face. The red eyes were actually a map of stars. It was showing me where it was from.
     It said in my mind.... "This is where you are going when you die. We are taking you with us." And the way it said it, it was like it was giving me a gift. But it didn't feel like a gift my humble and only friends. After it said that I went into it's face and WENT to that constellation. It was a dead black planet with 7 red dwarf stars around it and there were a civilization of these beings there. They are interdimensional walkers of some sort and they have plans for yours truly. I screamed and was back in my bed.
     This is what the shadow beings are. I have not seen the movie you made but it looks interesting. I actually do not want to see it. I have saw the actual thing and I don't think I want to revisit the terror. But I want to also stress that the terror IS NOT BECAUSE I EXPERIENCED THEM AS NEGATIVE OR EVIL BEINGS. I think the incredible fear is from being touched by something other than human. Something from beyond our world. It is wondrous, but absolutely terrifying.
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